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2008 Annual Meeting


LINK-AGE is a Coordination Action within the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission that aims at significantly extending existing European research in biogerontology. LINK-AGE supports a closely coordinated programme of topic working groups, workshops and conferences, summer schools, and dissemination activities. This Coordination Action includes 14 full members from 10 European countries (including one SME) and is coordinated by the Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix de Namur in Belgium. Several other laboratories participate to some of the LINK-AGE actions as associates members.

LINK-AGE 2008 Annual Meeting

For its 2008 annual meeting, LINK-AGE had the great opportunity to be involved in the organisation of the 6th European Congress of Biogerontology.
LINK-AGE offered around 20 fellowships to students and post-docs.
Moreover, LINK-AGE organised its Topic Research Group meetings at the same venue, just before and right after the Congress.
Research Topic Group A  
29 November 14h - 30 November 17h (just before the Congress)
Thematic discussed during this meeting:
1. Model Systems / Interspecies comparion
2. Group A Thematic:
I.   Mitochondria / Stress / Proteins and DNA damages
II.  Genetisc and Proteomics: Technical approaches
III. Biomarkers
IV. Immuno-ageing / Sarcopenia / Diabetes
Research Topic Group B 
3 December 14h - 4 December 13h (right after the Congress)
Thematic discussed during this meeting:
Group B Thematic:
V.    Skin ageing / Pharmacology
VI.   Vascular ageing / Nutrition and ageing
VII.  Neurodegeneration / Regenerative medicine
VIII. Osteoporosis (and Nuclear Receptors)