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Ageing and individual life history 

The conference focused on understanding the determinants of ageing of animals and humans in relation to the individual life history. How does variation in the traits that make up the life history affect individual health and the ageing of the population? Especially research linking early developmental events and processes to the biology of ageing are of interest. These include neuroendocrine, metabolic, epigenetic and other traits influencing the ageing process and health in later life. New strategies that incorporate the full life history, from development to death, will be discussed that allow for parallel investigations of traits in humans and animal models. In this context also the application to ageing research of new tools in bioinformatic analysis and statistical modeling of high dimensional data will be of interest.  

This conference was supported by the EU LIFESPAN exploring the link between development and aging.

LINK-AGE, a coordination action financed by the 6th Framework Program of the European Commission, was also involved in the organisation of the 6th European Congress of Biogerontology. Just before and right after the Congress, LINK-AGE organised two satellite meetings at the same venue. For more information, please visit the special LINK-AGE menu-item.