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Poster presentations

Inflammation and individual age-related phenotypes

P59. TLR4 polymorphisms in Prostate cancer risk: a pilot study in
        patients and centenarians from Sicily
        Rita Carmela Balistreri
P60. Role of TLR4 polymorphisms in inflammatory responses.
        Implications for atherosclerosis, Alzheimer s disease,
        prostate cancer and longevity
        Giuseppina Candore
P61. Hla-Drb1*03 And Nfkbia Aa Homozygous Genotype Are
        Predisposing Factors Of Latent Autoimmune Diabetes
        Mellitus In Adults (Lada)
        Marie Cerna
P62. Analysis of fibrinolytic controlling pathway and inflammation
        gene polymorphisms in Ischemic Stroke patients
        Domenico Lio
P63. Immunological phenotype of subjects genetically enriched
        for longevity. The Leiden Longevity Study.
        Andrea Maier
P64. Polymorphisms in toll-like receptor -2 and -4 genes,
        cytokine production and survival in rural ghana
        Linda May
P65. Circulating markers of inflammation and cognitive decline in
        old age; the PROSPER study
        Simon Mooijaart
P66. Enterovirusis endothelial dysfunctions and myocardial
        infarction complications in elderly patients
        Vladimir Y. Plotkin
P67. Elevated SOCS protein levels contribute to the age-related
        failure of GM-CSF-induced apoptosis neutrophil rescue via  
        inhibition of Jak2/PI3-K/ERK signalling pathway
        Olivia Simone
P68. Differential hyaluronan homeostasis and proteoglycans
        expression in intrinsic and extrinsic skin aging
        Thrasivoulos Tzellos
P69. Trade off between female fertility and offspring survival
        unexplained by differences in environmental conditions.
        David van Bodegom
P70. A high pro-inflammatory response is beneficial for survival at
        high age. Results of the Leiden 85-plus study.
        Carolien A. Wijsman

Poster session I:

Monday 1 December, 16.30 – 18.30 hrs –
even numbers
Posters should be hanged from Sunday Nov 30 to Monday Dec 1st    evening.

Poster session II:
Tuesday 2 December, 16.30 – 18.30 hrs – odd numbers
Posters should be hanged from Tuesday Dec 2nd early morning to the end of the Congress