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Poster presentations

Cellular functions influencing organismal ageing

P29. The effect of iron-citrate on human fibroblasts in vitro
        Henrique Almeida
P30. Ovariectomy, a model of menopause in rodents, accelerates
        the process of biological ageing through the impairment of 
        the neuro-immune relationship
        Isabel Baeza
P31. Size matters: How mitochondria reduce stress effects
        Jürgen Bereiter-Hahn
P32. Study of the mechanisms of cellular responses to copper
        and research of possible implications of copper in cell 
        Emmanuelle Boilan
P33. Human bone-derived mesenchymal stem cells: Age-
        associated changes in stemness
        Regina Brunauer
P34. Effect Of 40% Amino Acid Restriction On Mitochondrial
        Oxidative Stress In Rat Liver
        Pilar Caro
P35. Cybrid technology to explore the mitochondria/nucleus 
        interaction in studies on human aging
        Serena Dato
P36. Development of full-thickness human skin cultures to
        investigate dermal and epidermal photo-ageing in a 3D 
        Jérémie Dedessus le Moutier
P37. Cellular stress resistance of human skin fibroblasts reflects
        differences in human longevity
        Pim Dekker
P38. Hormetic modulation of wound healing in vitro by curcumin
        Dino Demirovic
P39. Effect of chronic treatment whit growth hormone on
        apoptosis and inflammation in heart from old mice SAMP-8
        Katherine Forman
P40. Nopsi is a novel SNEV interacting protein involved in
        regulation of organismal life span
        Johannes Grillari
P41. Human exonuclease 1, EXO1, a hormone-depending and
        age-related gene, is expressed in human sebocytes
        Björn Hermes
P42. Bioenergetics and permeability transition pore opening in
        heart subsarcolemmal and interfibrillar mitochondria: effects
        of aging and lifelong calorie restriction
        Tim Hofer
P43. Identification of natural compounds that exhibit proteasome
        stimulatory properties and confer life span extension
        Suzanne Kapeta
P44. Chronic melatonin treatment reduces the age-dependent
        inflammatory and oxidative process in liver of female rats
        Roman Kireev
P45. Human lung fibroblasts prematurely senescent after
        exposure to ionizing radiation enhance the growth of
        malignant lung epithelial cells in vitro and in vivo
        Dimitris Kletsas
P46. Truncated CSB represses elongation by RNA polymerase I
        Anton Lebedev
P47. Hormetic Effects of Curcumin in Human Skin Fibroblasts
        Cristovao F. Lima
P48. Effects of caloric restriction and/or aerobic exercise on
        physical resistance and muscle damage
        Guillermo López-Lluch
P49. Interplay of IGF-I and 17²-estradiol at age-specific levels in
        human sebocytes and fibroblasts in vitro
        Evgenia Makrantonaki
P50. Differential proteomic analysis of secretomes derived from
        young and senescent human primary cells
        Lucia Micutkova
P51. Modulation of base excision repair pathway components in
        the ageing model Podospora anserina.
        Mathis Müller-Ohldach
P52. Genetic modulation and characterization of PaMTH1 reveals
        a novel function of SAM dependent O-methyltransferases in
        lifespan control and organnism ageing
        Heinz Osiewacz
P53. Mitochondria-targeted antioxidant SkQ1: therapeutic
        approach for cataract and its connection with elevation of ±-
        crystallins expression
        Yu V. Rumyantseva
P54. Accelerated aging phenotype mice with conditional
        deficiency for mitochondrial manganese superoxide
        dismutase in the connective tissue
        Karin Scharffetter-Kochanek
P55. Sunlight is more than just UV: Infrared A radiation modulates
        gene expression towards accelerated skin ageing
        Peter Schröder,
P56. Analysis of Metabolic Regulators, SIRT1 and PGC-1alpha, in
        the Ovaries of Aging and Caloric Restricted Mammals
        Kaisa Selesniemi
P57. Effects of long-term melatonin intake on vasomotor
        endothelial function in elderly people
        Valeriy Shatilo
P58. The ubiquitin-proteasomal system in aging-related muscle
        Brun Ulfhake

Poster session I:

Monday 1 December, 16.30 – 18.30 hrs –
even numbers
Posters should be hanged from Sunday Nov 30 to Monday Dec 1st    evening.

Poster session II:
Tuesday 2 December, 16.30 – 18.30 hrs – odd numbers
Posters should be hanged from Tuesday Dec 2nd early morning to the end of the Congress