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Poster presentations

Genetic variation, biomarkers, demography and the span of life

P09. Caste- and age-specific expression signatures of DNA repair
        and heat shock genes in honeybee wing muscle.
        Randi M. Aamodt
P10. Late acting deleterious alleles from recent GWA studies do
        not affect familial longevity.
        Marian Beekman
P11. MARK-AGE: Towards establishing biomarkers of human
        Alexander Bürkle
P12. Characterization of the ageing C57BL6
        Andreas Fahlstrom
P13. Association Between Gln223arg Polymorphism Of The
        Leptin Receptor And Cardio Metabolic Risk Factors In  
        Maria Gottlieb

P14. Screening for lifespan-extending antioxidants using
        Caenorhabditis elegans 
        Jan Gruber
P15. Fragile sites under the effect of CoCl2 and a bioregulator in
        cultured lymphocytes from old individuals
        Teimuraz Lezhava
P16. Distribution of Eritrocyte Group Antigens (ABO,Rh-Hr, R,
        MN) in Long-livers of Adjara Region (Georgia, Caucasus)
        Rusudan Khukhunaishvili, Marina Koridze
P17. HLA and KIR frequencies in Sicilian centenarians
        Florinda Listi
P18. Genetic variation and successful ageing
        Lea-Anne Harrison
P19. Some demographic peculiarities of longevity in Yakutia
       (Russia) at the end of XX century
        Yuri Petrovic Nikitin
P20. Apolipoprotein E Gene Polymorphism And Metabolic
        Syndrome In Elderly
        Carla Helena Augustin Schwanke
P21. Modelling age-related changes in human reproduction
        Daryl P. Shanley
P22. Identification of human longevity genes.
        Eline P. Slagboom
P23. Genetic Determinants of Extreme Survival in Humans - The
        C47T (Ala16Val) SNP in the Mn-superoxide dismutase gene
        Mette Soerensen
P24. Biomarkers of the rate of ageing
        Jord C. Stam

P25. ApoE genotype, plasma cholesterol, and cancer:
        A Mendelian randomisation study
        Stella Trompet

P26. Prevalence of some cardiovascular risk factors in elderly
        population of Yakutia
        Yuri Petrovic Nikitin
P27. Analysis of lipoprotein markers and GWA data in the Leiden
        Longevity Study
        Anika A.M. Vaarhorst
P28. Autoimmune thyreoiditis in old people in west Kazakstan
        Rina M. Zaslavskaya

P85. Correction of the Circadian Rhythm of the Blood Plasma
        Melatonin Concentration in Elderly People with the Use of
        Pineal Gland Peptide Preparations
        Oleh Korkushko

Poster session I:

Monday 1 December, 16.30 – 18.30 hrs –
even numbers
Posters should be hanged from Sunday Nov 30 to Monday Dec 1st    evening.

Poster session II:
Tuesday 2 December, 16.30 – 18.30 hrs – odd numbers
Posters should be hanged from Tuesday Dec 2nd early morning to the end of the Congress