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Poster presentations

Metabolic control and life history traits

P1. The aging transcriptome of human skin and of
      sebocytecultures: a comparison.
      Michael Breitenbach
P2. Insulinresistance and protein glycation products among
      elderly persons
      Sylwia Dzigielewska

P3. Network Model 2008 of Systems Biology of Aging
      John D. Furber

P4. Stop of the ontogenesis clock, predecessor mammals 
      hibernation possible key for abolition of ageing?
      Valeriy V. Golub

P5. Endocrine regulation of life history plasticity in a
      tropical butterfly.
      Vicencio Oostra

P6. Endocrine regulation of familial longevity
      Maarten Rozing
P7. Longitudinal late-life changes in the magnitude of
      midlife cardiovascular risk factors and their mortality
      risk prediction
      Peter van Vliet
P8. The Effects of Caloric Restriction and Every Other Day
      Feeding on Metabolism
      Reyhan Westbrook

P84.Modelling nutrient sensing pathways: linking molecular  
       mechanisms to phenotypeand Every Other Day 
       Daryl P. Shanley


Poster session I:
Monday 1 December, 16.30 – 18.30 hrs –
even numbers
Posters should be hanged from Sunday Nov 30 to Monday Dec 1st    evening.

Poster session II:
Tuesday 2 December, 16.30 – 18.30 hrs – odd numbers
Posters should be hanged from Tuesday Dec 2nd early morning to the end of the Congress