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During the congress program 6 themes will be treated.

Metabolic control of life history traits
Topics    :    neuroendocrine regulation, INS signaling, nutrition, lipid   
Keynote :    to be announced 

Genetic variation, biomarkers, demography and the span of life
Topics    :    Genetics & transcriptomics, proteomics &
                     metabonomics, biological aging rate, biodemography,
                     causes of mortality
Keynote :    Dr. Virpi Lummaa
                     Dept. of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield

Cellular functions influencing organismal ageing
Topics    :    Stem cells, cellular aging in tissue function, stochasticity,
                     DNA damage and repair, mitochondrial function, signal
                     transduction; autophagy
Keynote :    Gillian Butler-Browne
                     Institute of Myology, Paris, France

Inflammation and individual age-related phenotypes
Topics    :    Inflammation and fertility, human disease, brain aging,
                     evolution and pleiotropic effects
Keynote :    Janet Lord
                     Division of Immunity and Infection
                     University of Birmingham, UK

Epigenetic control linking developmental events to ageing
Topics    :    histone modifications, DNA methylation and miRNA, 
                     environmental impact on epigenetic marks, development
                     and adult phenotypes, artificial reproductive technologies,
Keynote :    John M. Greally
                     Dept. of Molecular Genetics,
                     Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY, USA

Novel approaches to better understand the ageing phenotype
Topics    :    Modeling, Bio-informatics, High throughput/high content
                     technology, new model systems for ageing research
Keynote :    Prof.dr. Ritsert C. Jansen
                     Groningen Biomolecular Sciencesand Biotechnology
                     University of Groningen, The Netherlands